So You Think Your Interview Process Is Inclusive

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A role has been opened and you quickly need to pull together an interview process: You have your panel, your questions, and a scale to rate your candidate’s performance. All is well with the world, right? Your results should be perfection...IF you only intend to hire your clones. Understanding how to provide an equitable and inclusive experience increases the size and diversity of your pipeline and strengthens your ability to evaluate and hire quality candidates. Why focus on bouncing back from poor Glassdoor reviews if you don’t have to?


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Natalie Dunnege, Recruiting Director

As a Recruiting Director at Binc, Natalie partners with the key stakeholders, hiring leaders, and recruiting teams to attract and hire new talent. During her time at Binc, Natalie co-founded Binc’s DEI committee, established the framework for Binc’s ERGs, created a volunteer partnership to teach adults on the autism spectrum interview skills, and contributed to employee trainings covering a range of topics such as neurodiversity, DEI vocabulary, inclusive hiring, interviewer training, and conflict resolution. In Natalie’s free time, she enjoys dancing, art, and hanging out with her iguana, Carl Sagan Jr. 

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