Our Story

Finding the right people for great companies is our passion at Binc.

In 2010, after 8 very successful years as a contingency recruiting agency, Binc evolved into an exclusive hybrid recruiting firm. We deliver targeted, customized hiring programs to fast growing technology companies.

Over the past 6 years, we have helped 28 Silicon Valley technology companies grow their teams. We have helped Airbnb, Reddit, Pinterest, Tesla, WalmartLabs, and more make over 700 hires at a >95% project success rate.

Like the technology industry we serve, our specialized talent teams are modeled after Silicon Valley best practices. We track metrics and make decisions based on data. Our program managers are empowered to own projects. And recruiters are our engineering equivalent, working tirelessly to find just the right solution.

When the hiring task at hand seems insurmountable, technology companies know who to call for help: Binc. How can we help you grow?  


Our Services


Signature Onsite

For companies requiring a burst of hires, we deploy an entire Binc team to your HQ, executing full service recruiting campaigns with the goal to achieve your company target hires within defined timeframes. 


For early stage companies, we pair you with a veteran Bincer to help assess your talent needs, and teach you the best practices for growing a successful team. 

Binc Talent Network

For those companies that fall somewhere in the middle, we build flexible, custom solutions that cover everything from talent to technical hires, and everything in between.