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Recruiting Readiness is the extent to which all parts of a company are set up and tuned to deliver on not only a single hire, but on the entirety of your organization's hiring and people goals.


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Rachel Mendelowitz - Co-Founder and Partner at The Rivington Group

Rachel has advised organizations across every industry on organizational change and leadership development. She speaks regularly to executives at corporate events and conferences and has written about people-related solutions in publications such as Fortune Magazine. Prior to founding The Rivington Group, she was a Partner at McChrystal Group, where she led the team responsible for research and design of client offerings to create more adaptable organizations. Her team’s work forms the backbone of the New York Times bestseller, Team of Teams. While at McChrystal Group, she worked with Fortune 500 clients, as well as small and mid-sized privately-owned firms. At Booz Allen Hamilton, she advised Department of Defense clients on leadership, talent management and change management. She also ran leadership development at Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, helping employees learn and practice the lessons shared in Ray Dalio’s book, Principles. Rachel studied Psychology and Fine Art at Cornell University and earned a Master’s in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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