The focus of our diversity and inclusion efforts is to purposefully educate and listen to one another so we can learn from each other’s unique experiences, practice empathy, and foster a more diverse and inclusive organization; with that, we can become experts in building diverse, inclusive, and thriving working environments, share that knowledge with our clients and team, and change the industry in which we work for the better.

Internal Initiatives


Woke Wednesdays

Woke Wednesdays provide a safe environment for open dialogue on a variety of topics that are often seen as taboo in the workplace, but essential to learning how we can make our work environment more diverse and inclusive. We host a monthly meeting to discuss relevant topics within diversity and inclusion while maintaining a safe and supportive space.

Primarily, topics related to diversity and inclusion aren't the most comfortable conversations. They're sticky, can be controversial, force people to think outside of their comfort zones, and possibly challenge their current beliefs. In an industry where there are a lot of underrepresented groups, it's important for us to have deeper and more nuanced conversations to help understand how we can make the workplace more diverse and inclusive. We’ve discussed:

  • Demographics and Diversity in Tech
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Code Switching
  • How to Have Tough Conversations
  • Privilege & the Binc Scale
  • Intersectionality and the Pay Gap
  • Ageism in the Workplace
  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias’
  • Why Are Women Told To Smile
  • Immigrants in the Workplace

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are support groups meant to foster dialogue, support, and build awareness between members. They meet based on the group's preference for frequency and duration.

We currently have the following active ERG’s

  • Women
  • People of Color
  • Mental Health

Training and Development

When it comes to what great recruiters look like, we always look to up the ante. We want our recruiters to feel like superstars in the recruiting field; we want them to feel confident and competent walking into any situation; and want them to have fun in their daily work. In order to achieve this, we provide ongoing training and development in a number of areas, one of which being in diversity and inclusion.  

Some of the trainings and conversations we’ve held here at Binc regarding this particular subject are:

  • Dedicated trainings on unconscious bias and what to do about it as individuals
  • Diversity and inclusion vocabulary overviews including specific concepts that equip our recruiters with the ability to lay a language foundation for deep organization-wide conversations
  • Sessions on sourcing strategies for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.

Employee Voices