What we have is a gift and for that reason, it’s important to us that it be shared. We strive day in and day out to have a positive impact in our community and on our environment. By incorporating a socially responsible mindset into the very fabric that makes up Binc, we are able to accomplish this. You can see it when partnering with clients throughout the business development process, when working with vendors for company events or ordering supplies, and in our dealings with other businesses, professionals, and those around us.   

Some of the organizations Binc has partnered with over the years include:

Other Initiatives

Blankets for a Cause


In December 2018 Bincers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles got together and made No-sew Flannel Tie Blankets that were then donated to children whose families lost everything in the Northern California Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Many of the children who benefited from the blankets made were not only uprooted from their homes but in the chaos of getting out before the fires hit left their favorite blanket behind. So these blankets provided them warmth and comfort. In Northern California the blankets were sent to First 5 Butte County, and in Southern California the blankets were delivered to the Las Virgenes Fire Relief Foundation to be passed out to children in need.


California Wildfire Relief

After experiencing, first hand the horrific wildfires that ravished both Northern and Southern California in November of 2018, Binc invested time and resources towards helping the community and environment recover. One way we accomplished this was in monetary donations and an employee donation match. For every dollar a member of our team donated to various organizations and family funds related to the fires, Binc matched that amount. Bincers were asked to nominate families affected by the fires; families whom they had a personal connection with. At the end of the drive the money raised was then split up and donated between three different families in the Binc network and an adopted family facilitated through a partnership with Las Virgenes Fire Relief Foundation.



In October 2018 partnered with national non-profit, Braven, to volunteer for their bi-annual mock interview event. Braven serves diverse and driven college students underrepresented in the workforce and helps prepare them for a quality job through intensive career and leadership development. We used our expertise as recruiters to coach and mentor college students in interview best practices-- an area we know very well! In only 2 nights of participation, we connected with 70+ college students to help prepare them for future interviews. We were thrilled to join in on this unique shared experience and pay it forward to rising talent while practicing the art of feedback and mentorship.


Exodus Road

For our 2017 Bincause, we teamed up with our friends at fodada.  Through their corporate gear program we were given the opportunity to take the many gifts we have received as a company throughout the year and pay them forward into the community.  For the entire year, every time we purchase our company gear, a portion of the proceeds went towards funding Exodus Road, an amazing non-profit organization that conducts covert international operations to free victims of human and sex trafficking and bring those responsible to justice. You can read more about this partnership in our Binc Story - Kindness Breeds Kindness


The purpose of our partnership with Expandability’s Autism Advantage program is to provide recruiter resources to candidates who want extra help with their interviewing skills; interviewing can be a daunting and confusing experience for candidates with neurological differences, so we are trying to alleviate some of those burdens by providing mock interviews.