Mission and Purpose

The focus of our D&I efforts is to purposefully educate and listen to one another so we may learn from each other’s unique experiences, practice empathy, and foster a more diverse and inclusive organization; with that, we can become experts in building diverse, inclusive, and thriving working environments, share that knowledge with our clients, and change the industry in which we work for the better.

Internal Initiatives


Woke Wednesdays provide a safe environment for open dialogue on a variety of topics that are often seen as taboo in the workplace, but essential to learning how we can make our work environment more diverse and inclusive. We host a monthly meeting to discuss relevant topics within D&I while maintaining a safe and supportive space.

Primarily, topics related to Diversity & Inclusion aren't the most comfortable conversations. They're sticky, can be controversial, force people to think outside of their comfort zones, and possibly challenge their current beliefs. In an industry where there are a lot of underrepresented groups, it's important for us to have deeper and more nuanced conversations to help understand how we can make the workplace more diverse and inclusive. We’ve discussed:

  • Wage Gap
  • Ageism
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Having Crucial Conversations with Hiring Managers

Employee Voices


“Diversity is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the differences, and sometimes even the similarities, between all of our individual backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences that have affected and helped shape who we are and how we've come to see the world. Inclusion happens when these various perspectives and personal outlooks can come together across all levels in order to answer a question, accomplish change, or work towards a greater and grander mission. “-- Katrina Munez


"Diversity and inclusion are touchstones critical to the growth and development of every community. By cherishing diversity, we emphasize the importance of every individual’s story — our organization becomes a melting pot of ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds. When we value inclusion, we combine these ideas and backgrounds to create a stronger, more informed, and more accepting body." -- Connor Carion


“By having diversity and inclusion, we are emphasizing the importance of a support system to nurture relationships between each other and our clients. We have the means to provide an environment where people feel heard, valued, and our differences are embraced. Why not do it?” -- Natalie Dunnege


External Collaboration


Autism Advantage

The purpose of our partnership with Expandability’s Autism Advantage program is to provide recruiter resources to candidates who want extra help with their interviewing skills; interviewing can be a daunting and confusing experience for candidates with neurological differences, so we are trying to alleviate some of those burdens by providing mock interviews.