How to Develop Best in Class Recruiters

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As a talent leader, you know how important it is to find, attract, and retain talent. You also know how much impact a great recruiter can have on your organization, and how difficult it is to find one. But all is not lost. Recruiters come from a variety of backgrounds and with a thorough development plan they can thrive!


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Nancy Wood, Director of Training and Project Operations

Never afraid to answer a question, Nancy Wood has found a career in providing answers and sharing information with others. After dabbling in event planning and the law, she found her way to Binc where over the last 7 years she has built learning and development programs that have grown more than 100 of the best recruiters in the business. Nancy believes the most successful recruiters are the ones that have found their unique voice and her job is to help them find it. When not growing recruiters, Nancy nurtures an indoor jungle of plants in her home workspace.

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