January: Human Trafficking Awareness Month

For those of you reading this who aren’t Bincers (what we call ourselves here at Binc) or weren’t yet Bincers last July, the name Bashita might not mean that much to you. For me, it’s a name I won’t forget for a while, if ever. Bashita was a 20-year old woman

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Nathaniel King
Anxiety, Assertiveness, and Adulthood

I’m really lucky to have been able to join Binc so soon after finishing college. While I never dreamed about becoming a recruiter as a child, I can definitely see a mountain of progress from just these past three months and am extremely grateful for some of the things I’ve learned thus far. I’ve learned how to source like a machine, craft some pretty decent pitches, and control my sassiness when emailing unresponsive candidates for the third time in a row. But more importantly, I’ve learned that recruiting relies on both concessions and rejections. It is an industry that lives and dies upon communication and collaboration. This has probably been the single most rewarding and frustrating piece I’ve come to understand since joining Binc.

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Connor Carion
Strings Attached: A Beginner Recruiter

My journey to tech recruiting began with my undergraduate degree-- and just to make it clear, my degree has almost no relationship with tech, or with recruiting.

I had an interesting path going into college because I didn’t want to attend at all. I grew up as a triplet, so college touring was an emotional and strange family endeavor. My brother and sister were excited to go to college; I was not. I was a hormonal teenager during our entire trip up and down the California coast: headphones in, “napping,” lips pursed shut, pure protest.

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Chloe Sehati
Choosing Happiness: Six Months After Leaving Engineering.

For the first time in my long career, I really felt like I was being interviewed by people who I really wanted to work with and that the job was one that I really wanted to do not because of the title, money or product that the company was making but because it felt right. It also felt like this is something I would love to do, to go to work every day excited, eager to learn, and wanting to put in the hours, just like I felt the first time I hired my own team. It was then I realized that with the new job, I could work on my game designs, still teach, still code, and enjoy the work I am doing.  

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Greg Frank
Preparing for the CA Salary History Ban

On Oct 12 of this year, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a statewide ban on employer inquiries into a candidate's salary history. This law is expected to go into effect on Jan 1, 2018, at which point California will be joining Oregon, Massachusetts, Delaware, Puerto Rico, New York City & Philadelphia in enacting this law.  As such and with the full embrace of our mission and values, Binc will be taking steps between today and Jan 1 to prepare our full company to operate within the full spirit and compliance of the law. Find out what we are doing in the latest Binc Story.

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Boris Epstein
An Attitude of Gratitude

Pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, mounds and mounds of mashed potatoes, oh boy do I love Thanksgiving.  Not only are we given the green light to eat ourselves into a full-blown, guilt-free food coma, we are also given the opportunity to sit down in the presence of our friends, family, and loved ones to mull over all the extraordinary things in our lives and express our sincere thankfulness.

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Tawny Labrum
My Experience with Autism Advantage

Recently, a few Bincers from our Los Angeles and San Francisco Units participated in a project working with an organization called Autism Advantage.  The purpose of this partnership is to provide recruiter resources to candidates who want extra help with their interviewing skills; interviewing can be a daunting and confusing experience for candidates with neurological differences, so by volunteering our time we are hoping to alleviate some of those fears.

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15 years and counting…

When I first started Binc, our mission was to offer a distinguished recruiting service so that clients had a choice and alternative to the masses of generic recruiting firms out there. Our strategy was to bring great people into the profession, train them on recruiting best practices, and focus their energies on helping great companies in the technology space hire great people...

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Planned Happenstance

When I learned about planned happenstance in a college class, I decided I would make a conscious effort to apply exploration in a way I hadn’t been fully aware of. I was going to take fun classes, go to events, volunteer, and surround myself with people who had shared interests outside of traditional networking just to see what opportunities might arise.

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Natalie Dunnege