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Why Gender Neutral Attracts Talent

Job descriptions and recruiter emails are meant to attract candidates with the right skills and abilities to engage with your company. These are often the first touch points a candidate has with your company and can leave a lasting impression. The way these job descriptions and emails are crafted can reflect that your organization values inclusions and diversity.

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Talk About It

I attended the Summit with the simple goal of learning more about diversity in the workplace and to hear perspectives from others because I, albeit a Black male in Silicon Valley, haven’t actually thought too deeply about this topic. So, in this article, I’ve shared three takeaways that resonated with me: 1) leaders need to be involved; 2) there is bias embedded in the code; and 3) diversity needs to be on the front lines of communication. If we truly want to embrace diversity and inclusion, it needs to be a wholehearted, comprehensive effort.

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This Is Embarrassing for Silicon Valley

For this piece, I’m focusing on the talent/recruiting angle as it pertains to building a diverse team and company. Having partnered with a variety of tech startups over the past 3+ years as a talent consultant, I feel fortunate for the insight and lessons learned. I’m still learning, however, and thus welcome any connections, best practices, tips, etc. to further my knowledge. In the same spirit, this is my contribution to the on-going conversation.  Feel free to share your thoughts and learnings in the comments section.

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