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Making Miracles Happen

I’ve always been fascinated with the practical steps it takes to create unusual outcomes (ie miracles) to usual situations. While the unusual outcomes don’t often seem tied to anything, I’m learning over time that they seem to really be a very logical outcome to a proactive change in an individual’s usual behavior. 

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Boris EpsteinBinc Values
The Power of Positive Thinking

Ah, the art of positive thinking. That elusive little thought process that claims to be part of a winning formula in which humans can derive success and happiness. If it’s so important to think positive, stay positive, and generally feel positive; than why is it so hard to consistently achieve a positive mindset?

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Mike DesaiBinc Values

If I could go back several years and find myself a mentor, what would I have wanted them to share with me? What guidance would have helped me develop as an individual and in my career? It didn’t take long for me to realize that I have often needed to hear – from an un-biased, neutral party – that nothing is perfect, and that is okay.

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Nancy WoodBinc Values
Believe In You

In every new leadership role I take on, I learn something new. But the piece of advice that remains vitally relevant is a question that was posed to me by a mentor early on in my technology career: why not you?

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Guest Lecturer Much?

A few months ago, my husband asked if I’d be open to guest lecturing a class of computer science exchange students about what it’s like work in tech in the US. Admittedly, my first reaction was to pass on it and offer up one of my colleagues as a consolation prize. I’m not a shy person, but public speaking isn’t something I’ve done much of; much less speaking as an expert in my field. 

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The Value of Neurodiversity

There are big brands who have taken notice to the advantage of a neurologically diverse workforce. SAP, Freddie Mac, and Microsoft are a few of organizations devoting internships, re-vamped work spaces, and tech positions for individuals on the autism spectrum. Non-profits like Launchability are working to help train and fill these tech roles as the demand for specialized skillsets in testing, quality assurance, and data services grows. Launchability is part of the 5000 Initiative, aiming to introduce 5,000 individuals with autism into the tech workforce by 2020.  

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Natalie DunnegeBinc Values
Why Gender Neutral Attracts Talent

Job descriptions and recruiter emails are meant to attract candidates with the right skills and abilities to engage with your company. These are often the first touch points a candidate has with your company and can leave a lasting impression. The way these job descriptions and emails are crafted can reflect that your organization values inclusions and diversity.

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To Talent or Not to Talent

Ask around Binc, and you will quickly learn that a lot of us have very strange stories about how we entered recruiting as a job field.  And yes, you can enter the talent market as a recruiter for your full-time job!  Even though I had imagined recruiting to be something similar to admissions directors at college: some super elite club where you have to know the secret handshake to get in, I learned that this was not the case.

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Talk About It

I attended the Summit with the simple goal of learning more about diversity in the workplace and to hear perspectives from others because I, albeit a Black male in Silicon Valley, haven’t actually thought too deeply about this topic. So, in this article, I’ve shared three takeaways that resonated with me: 1) leaders need to be involved; 2) there is bias embedded in the code; and 3) diversity needs to be on the front lines of communication. If we truly want to embrace diversity and inclusion, it needs to be a wholehearted, comprehensive effort.

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