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To Talent or Not to Talent

Ask around Binc, and you will quickly learn that a lot of us have very strange stories about how we entered recruiting as a job field.  And yes, you can enter the talent market as a recruiter for your full-time job!  Even though I had imagined recruiting to be something similar to admissions directors at college: some super elite club where you have to know the secret handshake to get in, I learned that this was not the case.

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What Candidates Want Today

The tech market has changed. It is superfluous to say it at this point, but perhaps a more meaningful statement would be: the tech market has changed and the ramifications are still in the process of being understood. When it comes to talent, jobs, and hiring, Binc has experienced firsthand what this means for candidates and how they are responding to the new topography of the market. As a result, what candidates want has changed.

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Complicated or Complex?

Tech bubble or not, Silicon Valley and its offshoots are changing. Startups are slowing their burn; candidates are opting for more stable opportunities; recruiters aren’t seeing the number of positive responses they once did. It is an uncertain time in the talent and hiring space, which leaves many wondering how to keep up or what is next.

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