Our Journey to Becoming an Inc. Best Workplace

“It was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine
SaltnPepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl”

Ok ok, so we’re definitely not Biggie and maybe our journey to becoming an Inc. Best Workplace wasn’t that dramatic, but it did start as a vision to see how our company stood up against some of the best and the brightest in our space.

Since first opening our doors in September of 2002, I have to say, I have seen Binc transform and evolve into quite an unbelievable organization. We have built up such an incredible team and over the years we have maintained steady growth, even scaling up as high as 50% YoY in recent years.

At Binc, we place the utmost importance on putting our people-first and cultivating a flourishing culture. We aim to provide candidates, clients, and fellow Bincers with an environment where they can grow and be their best, no matter where they may be in their lives or in their careers.

“Binc treats us extremely well - the nature of my role makes me privy to how other recruiting organizations operate (at a high level), and Binc is really in a league of its own. The collaborative nature of our work directly correlates to fantastic results that almost comes as a surprise in comparison to the recruiting industry as a whole. Our values bleed through into our brand - which for me, is most apparent in that our name isn't massively known, but we've got (what I think) is one of the best portfolios out there. As a recruiting solution, we don't rest on a heavy web presence and high-volume approach to make ourselves known, we let our work do the talking. It's a great place to work, there are great people around us, and it's a fantastic place to learn and develop a skillset.” - Anonymous Employee Response from Survey

Throughout our tenure of providing best-in-class recruiting practices to technology companies who are often facing extremely demanding and ever-changing hiring needs, we have had the honor of working with over two-hundred different clients, some of which include Stripe, Waymo, Robinhood, Airbnb, and many more.

With the way our service model works, our team has the privilege of working on the inside of these organizations. Literally “moving in” and working side by side with recruiting counterparts and hiring teams. Doing this, we have been able to authentically embrace and embed ourselves into these amazing company cultures and experience all they have to offer their workforces.

“I love the transparency the company has. We always know where the company stands financially and business development wise. They are always working to improve upon what they offer to their employees in terms of benefits and have made major improvements over the last year. They heavily invest time and resources into our personal and professional growth through training and development. They offer internal committees so everyone has a chance to be part of the internal operations and success of the company. Employees are viewed as extremely valuable assets and not just someone to fill a seat. They are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels comfortable being exactly who they are.”  - Anonymous Employee Response from Survey

Many of these billion dollar companies or well-funded startups offer the most incredible perks, benefits, and work cultures. Our team gets accustomed to this and by association, holds Binc to a ballpark standard in terms of the experience we offer and what they expect from us.

Now Binc isn’t funded, we aren’t a beloved consumer brand, we don’t have venture capitalists providing us with endless capital and unlimited resources. So how does a group of people working in one of the highest stakes markets in the world, employing one of the most sought after skill sets, not only survive but earn a spot as a Best Workplace?

By being a company that knows the value of its people and how important it is for their voices to be heard. By being a company who celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion, where respective differences are nurtured and knowledge is freely shared and not suppressed. By being a company that always stands for something meaningful and devotes time and resources to adding value to the lives of those we employ, rather than us solely getting value from them. That’s how.  

“I believe in our mission as an organization. In my role, I am challenged to be the best recruiter I can be by meeting or exceeding the goals that are given to me. There is no ambiguity in knowing what I have to achieve in order to grow to the next level. In addition, we challenge ourselves as an organization to be more than just a bottom line business. We give back to our community, we support training and development with a dedication to learning, we are advocates for Diversity and Inclusion in our industry, and we are committed to providing a service like no other. All of this makes me proud to call myself a Bincer.”  - Anonymous Employee Response from Survey

For those unfamiliar with the Inc. Best Workplaces Award, it is a national award given to organizations that place value on company culture, offer standout worker benefits, and prioritize employee well-being. With wanting to know where Binc stood up against some of the best and the brightest companies in our space, we decided to put ourselves in the running and entered our name to be considered.

As a nominated company, in order to move forward in the process, our team was asked to participate in a survey that measured employee engagement in ten areas using a statistically-validated methodology. It was data we wanted to use to improve our culture, our workplace, and the lives of our fellow Bincers.

“Binc is a company that cares enormously about operating in a healthy and ethical way. The execs and managers are always open to suggestions and ideas for the future of the company, as well as to constructive criticism of their own styles, impulses, and goals. They truly care about Binc being a great place to work as well as being a successful company, and are always looking for ways to improve. No company will ever be perfect, so I think the most important thing is a culture that is constantly examining itself and never too proud to change and grow. We have that at Binc, and it shows.”  - Anonymous Employee Response from Survey

The survey was administered by Omaha’s Quantum Workplace, on topics that included trust, management effectiveness, perks, and confidence in the future. At the time Binc had 93 employees and in order to proceed, we needed 63 Bincers, or 67% of our workforce complete and submit a survey.  Proudly, we had 77 Bincers or almost 83% of our workforce, answer questions like, “My job allows me to utilize my strengths” or “I trust our senior leaders to lead the company to future success” to open-ended questions like “What three words best describe your work environment?” and “How do effective leaders within your organization build trust with employees?”

“I think that Binc is a great company whose leaders listen to their employees and take into account their thoughts and feelings on decisions. There is a lot of autonomy and responsibility given out which is great for development as it's paired with a lot of coaching. The nature of the business makes the team dispersed, so there sometimes feels like a lack of community; however, Binc holds a lot of events to get people together and is incredibly supportive via Slack, Zoom, and other virtual channels that foster an inclusive community.”  - Anonymous Employee Response from Survey

When the survey deadline passed, Inc. gathered, analyzed, and audited the data. They then ranked all the employers using a composite score of survey results. Rankings were based on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the best possible score. Binc’s score came in at a 92.70, putting us among the top 300 out of over 2,000 applicants and earning us the prestigious award of a 2019 Inc. Magazine Best Workplace.

Inc. BWP_2019 Standard Logo.png

To say we were excited to receive this recognition is an understatement. What was most exciting though was being able to look over the survey results and seeing how strongly Bincers felt about working here. A few things we learned were:

  • 92.21% of our workforce are highly engaged - meaning they willingly go above and beyond in their work, advocate for the organization, and intend to stay into the future

  • Almost 100% of our workforce sees professional and career growth development opportunities for themselves in the organization

  • The word that best describes our work environment is “Inclusive”

  • The senior leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource

Everyone deserves to be where they can be their best because when they feel their best, they can be their best. When we have a company of incredible people set up to be their best, amazing things happen. So what do we do from here? Continue doing what we do in supporting a people-first, inclusive culture and staying intently focused on setting our team up to be their very best!

Boris Epstein