Carefully Curated Candidates

Maybe it’s a product of my environment, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say brunch was a part of living in 2019. I mean, for any topic to cross the threshold and become a “get to know you question” is basically to say it’s cemented in our culture. Now, I’m not the biggest proprietor of the experience - if someone were to ask me what my favorite brunch spot was, I’d say the one that doesn’t burn a $50.00 hole in my wallet.

That being said, I’ve got this tendency to relate disparate things to my life (along with a glaring habit of speaking in metaphors), so here we are. Now, close your eyes (not literally, you have to read) and imagine...

It’s Sunday, at 11:00 am, and you’re finally seated at your table. You’re in a sea of oversized sun hats, assorted colors/styles of Lululemon leggings, and you’re debating a few items on the menu. You buy yourself some time, and put down an order for a cheese board. It’s delivered to your table on a glossy section of a log; how fancy of them. Now maybe you aren’t a cheese connoisseur, but I’ll be damned if you don’t feel like one.

So here’s the thing, someone out there is the cheese connoisseur. Someone is going to compare every quality of these individual cheeses against one another, to decide exactly which one is best suited to their palate. They’re allocating points for aroma, texture, something about “developing a rind”, and hopefully one of the cheeses on the board is the kind that they’d want to buy and take home.

Now, I’ve only been recruiting for a year and some change, but that’s a hiring process if I’ve ever seen one. As recruiters, we’re constantly accounting for tastes as they develop and change; applying what we’ve learned from our last sampling into our newest search to come. We find the traits that our hiring teams like, and cater to those while suggesting others. Ultimately, it’s all about presenting a well-rounded slate of chees--, excuse me, candidates. You’re assessing the interest of your stakeholders, and extrapolating that information to go and find candidates that match their needs, with a few variations and differences along the way.

And of course, you want every candidate to impress the team for various reasons - but you’re always looking for the one that’s perfectly suited to their palate. The only way to get there is to provide a variety of different backgrounds, experiences, and personalities. Sure, sometimes it can take a while to find the exact combination of educational background, career experience, and personal “spark” that make them the perfect match. But it’s kinda fun to figure it out along the way.

That isn’t to say my hands aren’t sweating the entire process. Recruiting isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a lot of work and you’ve got to find a passion for it.

I have the privilege to help build Binc into the company we want it to be, I’m eternally thankful, pleasantly challenged, and incredibly motivated by the people around me. I get to curate and deliver “cheese boards” of candidates to a team that I really believe in. The best part of it all? I’m working with the exact people that chose me off the board back in September 2017.

Sean Ellis