The “Happy Accident” - How I Fell Into Recruiting

In my experience, it is more common that people “accidentally” find themselves in recruiting rather than seeking it out as a career.  This is 100% my case. When I was in college, I was sure that I’d either be performing on Broadway or accepting the award for Best New Artist at the CMA awards by the time I was 30.  Sadly, neither happened. After I left college, I had a great career performing around the world which turned into positions in entertainment management. I was helping to find and cultivate talent for cruise ships and other performance venues.  It was a dream. I was in LA at the time, and the cost of living was starting to drain me (quite literally), so I decided I needed a change, and Las Vegas seemed the natural destination for my entertainment aspirations.

While I was looking for a job in the entertainment business, I landed an entry-level position as an HR Coordinator at Hooters Casino Hotel.  Yes, I have stories. No, I won’t share them. I didn’t have plans to stay in was just a foot in the Las Vegas door. I started seeing openings for “talent acquisition” at various companies, and I thought “THIS IS IT!!  That’s what I do!!” So, I go for a talent acquisition position only to find out that was a fancy way of saying “recruiting”. I thought I could at least give it a shot while I continued to look for other opportunities. What I wasn’t expecting from this position was how much I would enjoy it...and just how much I could correlate the skills needed to the skills I currently had from being in entertainment.  When I was starting out, it took me a little bit of time to stop referring to interviews as “auditions”, but I realized that’s exactly what an interview was...the candidate is, in essence, auditioning for the position. And you are deciding if you want to cast them in the role or not. Could this actually be something I would enjoy?? Could THIS be my career??

Just as I was thinking that recruiting might actually be my career path, an opportunity in entertainment came along...and I figured I HAD to take it, because this is the path I had always envisioned.  As I started this new adventure, I found myself missing my life in recruiting. I figured I needed to give it some time, so I waited it out. After two years, I decided that I actually DID love recruiting, so I returned to it...and I haven’t looked back since.  

I was introduced to Binc through a friend who had been recently hired, and as she was telling me about it, it sounded like a great opportunity.  As I looked at the Binc website, I came to the page that describes just what a Bincer is. It talked about having people who were phenomenal closers and killer sourcers (among other things)...but then it talked about these same people also being amazing singers, dancers, drummer, gamers, sci-fi nerds...the list went on.  And that was it. I knew I had to be a part of this company.

When I was leaving for college, I would have never dreamed that I would spend my life as a recruiter. Looking back, however, I can’t imagine why I DIDN’T think that. Binc embraces everything that makes us unique and takes our personal passions and drives them into professional development.  In the words of Bob Ross, me falling into recruiting was definitely a “happy accident”.

Alex Cheney