Binc Annual Summit - Feeling Inspired and Connected

Company Summit. To some, the thought of an all company summit sounds exciting. It’s a chance to chum it up with your coworkers who you don’t see often, beyond a small window on a video conference.

To me, this initially brought on a sense of anxiety. Being a remote Bincer based out of Chicago, the thought of essentially flying solo to meet my entire company (most of whom I’ve never met in person) and having to be “ok” with not having a best friend from the office as a source of comfort scared me. I’m one of the most extreme extroverts you’ll find, but I like staying in the confines of my comfort zone. 

But here I was again at one of life’s many tests, and I knew this was a challenge I would embrace, look back on, and ironically even write about, with nothing but fond memories and thankfulness. 

When I arrived in Las Vegas I thought about Binc’s Mental Health ERG and how open everyone at the company is in sharing not only their wins in work and life, but also the struggles they experience. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling pings of anxiety and quite honestly a lot of people probably felt the same way I did. I knew at any moment during the Summit, I could confide in someone, telling them I was feeling anxious and I wouldn’t be judged even in the slightest. 

There was no sense of one-upping at our Summit, or trying to outshine your colleagues and overly impress upper management. Everybody felt equal - it didn’t matter if you were the CEO, a manager, recruiter, or a client - it was a completely level playing field for everyone. 

We played a game on the first afternoon called Where The Wind Blows, and it was truly the most memorable moment of the trip, not the glitz, glam, late night’s, and money gains of Vegas. Yes, all the delicious buffets and snack time treats blew my expectations of the Summit out of the water… but seeing my coworkers in a vulnerable state, getting up in front of everyone, sharing something personal, and seeing that others shared that same “statement” was moving. 

Aside from the part that made us all feel warm and fuzzy, we had a jam packed schedule. There were a variety of break out sessions led by Bincers, and our community and client partners which ranged in topic from “How to Build Rapport”, to “Seeing Recruiting Through The Lens of The Business”, and even “Being a Trusted Advisor”. We also heard from some of the more intelligent people I’ve had the privilege of hearing speak, like Marty Weiner, former CTO of Reddit and one of the founding engineers at Pinterest. On top of that we had a powerful session with Raena Saddler and Archana Gilravi from Lean In on Gender Bias. We even packed bag lunches for those in need which we found out would serve 300 meals over the weekend. 

To top it all off, on the first night of the Summit we were treated to the most epic ‘80s themed party, actually it might have just been the most epic party ever. It was held in a rented out club at our resort. It was an indoor/outdoor venue adorned with disco lights and provided gorgeous views of the pools. Each person that walked in outdid the next, the costumes unreal, and in true Bincer fashion everyone went full-out for the theme to #HaveFun. We danced the night away to all of the 80’s hits, and we were even serenaded by our Executive team with a special Binc version of You've Lost that Love and Feeling. 

The point is, this was by far the best company Summit I have ever been to. I left feeling inspired, and connected to my coworkers. I was able to give back to the community, let loose and have fun, and I truly thank my lucky stars every day that life works in funny, unexpected ways which ultimately led me to Binc.

Meg Lowecki