16 Years - 16 Recruiting Lessons Learned

This month, Binc is celebrating our 16th anniversary. Yep, that’s right, it’s our Sweet Sixteen! Reflecting on the past sixteen years, one thing that stands out in my mind the most are the many lessons we have collectively shared. As a team we provide each other with an overflowing treasure chest full of knowledge, but that knowledge means nothing if we keep it locked up internally. So, as a present for our Sweet Sixteen, we went around the company and gathered a list of lessons learned by recruiters during their time here at Binc. After all what’s an anniversary celebration without presents?

Lesson 1 - “I've worked on a ton of projects and realized that no client is the same. With that, there's something new to be learned with every experience.” - Nate King

Lesson 2 - “My time in recruiting has taught me the importance of collaboration. At the core of collaboration, is listening and understanding the perspectives of others. Whether I’m onsite with clients or working with our internal employees, there are plenty of moments to step back, listen, and appreciate the contributions others can make.” - Natalie Dunnege

Lesson 3 - “At Binc, everything we do relates back to our core values. When a company demonstrates in real terms how it is sticking to those values, there is a direct correlation to employees' well-being and happiness.” - Patrick Hughes

Lesson 4 - “A lesson I learned at Binc is that grit is key. Being successful isn’t always smooth sailing but when you go the extra mile and put in the hard work you will see results.” - Aaliyah Phillips

Lesson 5 - “Honesty is the strongest way to foster mutual respect between you and your candidate and/or client.  Know that as a recruiter you will have many wins and just as many learning opportunities - be humble and always strive to better yourself.” - Genevieve Cruz

Lesson 6 - “Often it can feel like saying yes to everything a client asks is a right thing to do. It gives the sense that you're doing them a service, but in reality, sometimes saying no is actually what's in their best interest. Setting false expectations or going along with a broken process is the exact opposite of what our clients bring us onboard for.“ - Eli Arzhevskiy

Lesson 7 - "Closing is not about convincing candidates to take a job. Closing is about listening, understanding, coaching and doing everything to arm your candidates (and clients) with knowledge so that they can make the best decision long-term for their career and life." - Kan Ta

Lesson 8 - “A huge lesson I learned early on at Binc was to stay persistent and not give up. You can apply this to every stage of the recruiting process. You never know what a candidate will discover from interviews or follow-up discussions and it is your job to do whatever you can to get them to take the next step in the process.” - Robert Weber

Lesson 9 - “Set expectations with your candidate early on and be transparent. It will leave room for little to no surprises and help build your relationship early on.” - Teri Agricola

Lesson 10 - “Since coming to Binc I've learned to take initiative and be genuine. This has allowed me to open up to those I wouldn't normally and create strong relationships with clients, candidates, and my co-workers.” - Andrew Oslan

Lesson 11 - “A big ship in the harbor makes all the little ships rise. As I’ve grown as a recruiter, I’ve been able to help my fellow Bincers as they have helped me.” - Erika Curry

Lesson 12 - “I have learned that salesmanship in recruiting is a dynamic experience and yields the finest results when you connect with the opportunity at hand by believing in and connecting to the overall mission and message.” - Chloe Sehati

Lesson 13 - “In my time at Binc I've spoken to countless candidates. When it came to offer time every one of those individuals had different circumstances and motivations to consider a new role. Sometimes everything went as smooth as butter, but when it didn't it was only through difficult questions that I was able to truly understand the overall picture. When you're afraid of the answers you might hear that means you're on the right track and asking the right questions.” - Anton Plotkin

Lesson 14 - “Not all decisions in life are logical; there's always an emotional component and it's important to have empathy for candidates and clients alike.” - Alexis Munger

Lesson 15 - “Do not hold back, if you are thinking it - say it! I tend to second guess myself a lot, but truly believe that a good recruiter asks/says what he/she is thinking. Trusting your intuition is key!” - Polina Morozov

Lesson 16 - “Be patient, but also know when it's time to move on! In recruiting, it's usually ideal to move a candidate along in the process as quickly as possible. When there's a lot of delay in between stages, it leaves room for candidates to lose interest, entertain irrational uncertainties, or move forward with other companies. I've learned that while it's really important to respect someone's timeline and not rush them into doing things they aren't prepared for, it's also important to know when to put your foot down and hold someone accountable.” - Connor Carion

Tawny Labrum