Reinventing Our Core Values

Who are we?  What do we stand for?  Why do we do what we do?  Those are all questions we started asking ourselves as a company a little over a year ago.  We had an established set of core values; values that drove us, values that empowered us, values that were the building blocks to who we were, the foundation for all our actions, values that made up our DNA.  Teamwork, Commitment, Growth, Intelligence, Humility; the five values we related to the most, the five pillars of Binc. But, did these five words truly reflect who we were? Did they genuinely encompass that which takes dozens of unique individuals and personalities and unites them as one fluid team?  The answer was not completely.

We had grown so much, not only in size and talent, but we had grown and evolved as a team as well.  The five values we once connected to the most didn’t seem to encompass who we were as a whole anymore; they didn’t seem to reflect what we as a company stood for.  Realizing this, it was then we embarked upon the journey of reinventing our core values.

Going from Five to Ten and Everything Else In between

In April of 2017, we formed a committee that represented all units, all teams, and all levels of experience inside Binc.  The mission was to evaluate our culture, to take a look at who we were, what we stood for, and to see how it aligned with our overall goals as a company.  The original objective of our newly formed Culture Committee was to identify the most important qualities we seek from each other as a team and take those findings to create a predefined set of core values.

Coming up with our new core values did not happen overnight.  It was a long process that took close to a year to get to where we are today.  Each week, for forty-five minutes, the Culture Committee came together for a meeting of the minds.  First, we researched the values and cultures of other companies that we knew and respected. Next, as a committee, we did some brainstorming and came up with a list of 30+ value statements we felt most aligned with Binc collectively as individuals and as a team.       

It took about three months to come up with the initial list of 30+ value statements, and once completed it was turned over to the entire company to help further define the true definition of Binc.  The list was presented company-wide during our unit meetings, at which time everyone was asked to rate all the statements using a scale of 1-10. The Culture Committee then averaged all the scores and pulled the top 10 value statements from each unit.    

During the next two months, we held multiple discussions around the differences and similarities we saw in the list of values, both in our individual units and across the company.  From there we were able to chisel down the list from 30 to 15. During our July 2017 town hall meeting, with 15 new value statements hot in our hands, we held one last open discussion.  The entire company had the opportunity to share their feelings, thoughts, and/or connections with each of the value statements.

Once again, acting on the feedback provided by the entire company, the Culture Committee settled upon ten value statements in which portrayed a true representation of who Binc was.  A representation of our culture, our identity, our values - our working principles. Those ten value statements became ten core values which were ready to be revealed and defined.

Binc’s New Core Values - Refined, Defined, Aligned

In August, all Bincers across the company joined together in Santa Barbara, California for our annual mid-year meeting and we officially unveiled our brand new core values.  Each value was written on a large sheet of poster board and placed around the room for all to see. As we presented the values to the group, each person in the room was encouraged to take a Sharpie and on the poster board write how they connected with or how they would personally define each value.

Over the next seven months, the Culture Committee took what was written on each poster board and began to formulate and define each of the values.  The closer we got to formalized value statements, we were able to see a clearer picture of how important each one of these values was to us as a company.  We created icons for each value, added the values and their definitive statements to our website, embedded them into our interview process, verbalized them company-wide, and put together a rough roadmap as to how we would celebrate and recognize each core value throughout the year.  We do this each day with a sense of pride and massive accomplishment.

Our company mission is to "Deliver value to our clients; facilitating lasting partnerships and helping companies scale at the pace they need."

Our unique set of core values act as a roadmap to guide us along in our journey to reach our mission.  They are woven into our culture, our service and the very fabric of our people and business. Through these values, we can overcome any challenge to make us stronger, and foster a culture that thrives off inclusion, mutual respect, and integrity.  These are Binc’s 10 Core Values:

Positive Impact
We infuse passion and purpose in everything we do, and we work hard to make a difference for our clients and community.

We work together and support each other to be the best versions of ourselves and openly give sprinkles where sprinkles are due.

We are always challenging and stretching ourselves and each other, and never settling for the status quo.

Have Fun
We find ways to infuse fun into mundane tasks and try not to take ourselves too seriously by being a little silly.

We find a way to do things others can’t. We will dig deeper, think more creatively, push a little harder, and always have our foot on the gas.

Stay Humble
We see ourselves and each other objectively and pursue improvement at every opportunity.

We are not afraid to try new strategies or get creative, which allows us to solve for each unique recruiting need we encounter.

We will always lead with respect by valuing our clients, colleagues, and ourselves.

We create a safe space for everyone to be their genuine selves and welcome what each adds to our culture.

We strive to be experts in our field, constantly seeking out knowledge, and insisting on curiosity from those around us.

It’s been amazing being part of this journey, and I am excited to see the ways we will continue to integrate these values into our daily lives and activities.  By living these values we are united as one, we will grow as one, and we will succeed as one.

Tawny Labrum