Work/Life Balance for a Mama Recruiter

I've been with Binc almost five years, and it's really a job that's grown with me. When I started I was a single gal, but now I'm a wife and mother of two babies. Obviously, that meant finding a new balance in my world. It used to be that I'd spend my evenings' sourcing late into the night, but, with domestic life in the mix, discipline was needed.

Here's how I manage it all:

I try to be out of bed early as possible (5:30 am-6 am) to give me some time to myself before the kids are awake. I drink coffee, connect with my hubby, read the news, and start getting ready for the day. From 7 am-8 am I spend time with my niños. I work from home most days, but days where I commute to the office I’m out the door by 7:30 am to make it in by 9 am.

Work Hours-
Between the hours of 9 am-5:30 pm I'm a recruiting machine. It seems like a lot of time, but the days go quickly. I maximize my time by blocking out hours for sourcing, screening, and candidate management on my calendar. I'm also a stickler for keeping meetings short and concise to prevent wasted time (hint: an agenda really helps). To keep things from feeling like a grind, I schedule myself breaks to get up, walk around, and breathe. It’s important to keep my day organized, but it doesn’t have to be joyless!

When the clock strikes 5:30 pm, Gchat goes off and emails can wait until the next morning. We live in an age where smartphones can keep someone dialed into work 24/7. It's important to leave the "office" for the day. I realized that trying to answer late night pings while hanging out with my kids wasn't effective - and it wasn't fair to my babies who had waited all day for me to be done with work. They deserved my undivided attention too. I do my best to keep that time sacred and minimize exceptions. I choose to spend evenings reconnecting with my family by eating dinner with them and discussing what happened that day. Once both the kids are asleep, I usually watch TV or read a book until 9:30 pm and then it's lights out.

I don’t want to mislead the world into thinking that my days always go off without a hitch and everything is bliss. There are always going to be curveballs, and I’m not a slave to my routine. I flex where needed but it’s nice to have some structure to rely on when the going gets rough. Routines also set a baseline of normalcy so when one aspect of your life starts to boil over (and it will), you know how to correct it.

Alexis Belyeu Munger