Kindness Breeds Kindness

I first heard of Sarah during our Binc Townhall meeting.  As we went around the room my coworkers each took a turn reading her heartbreaking story to the rest of the group.  We learned of a young 15-year-old girl who, to pay off a debt, had her virginity sold to sex traffickers in Thailand by her mother for a mere $600.  We learned of her cry for help, and a note scribbled on a bill that read “Please Rescue Me.”  Fighting back tears, we then learned of her rescue by The Exodus Road, a non-profit organization whose primary focus involves ushering and funding strategic solutions for freeing current victims of modern day slavery.

As the story unfolded, each team member was handed a beach pebble with a note attached to it.  When the last words were read, the room went silent as we sat there trying to process the words we all just heard.  It was a very powerful, very heavy story, that left us all wondering, what can we do to help?  What more can we both personally and as an organization do to make a difference?

Sarah’s story was told to the group as an introduction to the upcoming Bincause initiative for 2017 and our partnership with fodada.  Binc, like many other companies throughout the technology sector knows the importance of providing a culture for their employees that reaches far beyond the confines of typical office walls.

With a new generation entering the workforce, a new generation of values and views has entered as well. In today’s culture of positive change, employees want to know that the work they do, day in and day out, isn’t just about turning a company profit.  They want to know that their work in one way or another will be used to create a positive, lasting impact on the world around them.

When it comes to choosing an employer, a greater emphasis is being placed on corporate social responsibility; a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment around them, and the footprint said employer leaves on society.  Organizations who realize this and take the necessary steps in doing so are more likely to attract and retain top talent, and in the end are more than likely to succeed.

Circling back to the story of Sarah, the organization who rescued her, and their role in the Bincause: remember me saying as the story unfolded, each team member was handed a beach pebble with a note attached to it?  The content of the note was as follows:

"As an organization, Binc is full of extraordinary individuals.  Not only do we want to provide our clients and fellow team members with amazing opportunities for success and growth internally, we want our hard work and dedication to reach outside our professional environment and positively impact the entire world as well.
The pebble in front of you represents impact. The impact a collective of individuals such as Binc can have. The impact that someone in need wants so desperately.
Through their corporate gear program, our partners at fodada have provided us with an opportunity to utilize funds raised by the production of our corporate swag to create a positive impact on the world with no additional cost.
After a discussion with fodada, we have chosen Exodus Road for this year’s Bincause initiative.  Exodus Road is a non-profit organization that conducts covert international operations to free victims of human and sex trafficking by bringing those responsible to justice.
This pebble represents a life we will free. A life we will renew. A life we will reconnect with loved ones.
Keep this pebble on your desk or with you as a reminder of how we can all have impact. A reminder of what your hard work here is doing for someone halfway around the world."

This is a perfect example of an organization taking the opportunities they have been given and paying them forward into the world.  Every time we see the pebble sitting on our desks, we know our hard work and dedication is creating an impact on the world and is greater than we could ever imagine.

Kindness breeds kindness and a generation's desire to leave their mark on the world inspires change.  It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when the visions of employees are heard and come together with the visions of the companies they align themselves with.

Tawny Labrum