15 years and counting…

September 1st marked Binc’s 15th anniversary of being in business. It was such a surreal event because, over the course of our 15 years, we’ve had years, months and sometimes even days that have felt epic. So, to sit here and reflect back on the entirety of these 15 years is honestly beyond something I’ve had a way harder time doing than I initially expected. This blog post was supposed to be a simple exercise of acknowledgment and appreciation.  Instead, it has blossomed into snapshots of some of my favorite memories and general multiyear themes.

Binc literally started with an encouraging nudge from my wife (to leave my first recruiting job) and a loan from my parents (to pay for our then obligatory Monster account).

I remember in the early days…

  • Signing our first clients, introducing our first candidates, and eventually making our first hires.
  • Sitting by myself in my parents’ bedroom answering inbound calls: “Thank you for calling Binc, how can I help you?” as if Binc was bigger and more real than just me in an upstairs bedroom.
  • Hiring our first recruiter over a couple of margaritas.
  • Enforcing 7am-6pm work hours (sorry not sorry!).
  • Fuming because our whole office was 1-hour late only to be reminded that it was daylight savings time and I forgot to set my watch.
  • Our first company holiday party where we took the afternoon off to enjoy a fancy steak lunch and a matinee of Meet the Fockers’.
  • Our first recruiter putting in their notice and feeling completely heartbroken because it destroyed my assumption that everyone I had hired would retire with me.

Ahh, the memories.

Let’s fast forward seven years to our first major company structure pivot into what later became known as “Binc 2.0,” or our hybrid/onsite recruiting years. I remember…

  • Setting up our first command-control center in our client’s office (complete with market maps, goal charts, and whiteboard activity trackers).
  • A client referring to us as the Navy Seals of recruiting and thinking how that was the most amazing thing anybody has ever said about us.
  • Going into recruiting projects embracing the very real possibility that we might not make one hire only to look back five months later as our team celebrated their 20th.
  • The feelings of pride and accomplishment that our teams felt upon completing their projects.
  • The swagger we saw in our clients in seeing their teams grow and visions come to life.
  • The pits of despair when nothing was going our way, but we continued to march forward and believe in our success no matter how bleak our prospects appeared.

Now let’s fast forward another seven years to early 2016. The market was changing due to public versus private company valuation inequity. I remember…

  • The very humbling experience of recognizing that we either needed to adapt our recruiting service and approach or die (i.e., experience a very slow and painful demise into recruiting mediocrity--mediocrity, to me, is worse than death).
  • Commenting on shared docs and attending company-wide discussions about what was happening in the market and what we needed to do to provide a true value-add recruiting experience.
  • Conceptualizing and rolling out the vision for Binc Flex over a few glasses of wine, and looking back on it periodically with a continued affirmation that we were and continue to be on the right track.
  • The early pioneers of our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and the patience they exercised as they tried to help our all-male executive team understand the problems we were experiencing and the opportunities available for us should we address those concerns.
  • Our team stepping up to serve our clients in unique and flexible ways.
  • Feeling re-energized about our team, our service, and our overall future.
  • Feeling like we were a startup again and that we had the very real opportunity to create our own “Day 1” future together.

When I first started Binc, our mission was to offer a distinguished recruiting service so that clients had a choice and alternative to the masses of generic recruiting firms out there. Our strategy was to bring great people into the profession, train them on recruiting best practices, and focus their energies on helping great companies in the technology space hire great people to help achieve their goals and visions. Our values were to stay authentic and flexible and to bring passion, intelligence, and a team approach to help our clients and team experience the growth and positive impact we knew they deserved. And with that, our clients grew, our team-members grew, and I believe we’ve had a hand in helping the recruiting industry as a whole become more elevated.

As I look back over the past 15 years, I feel so fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to have worked with so many amazing people and companies. I can honestly say that if I were asked to predict this when we first started out, I could never have imagined all the memories, the experiences and all that we’ve been able to accomplish.

So, as I sit here on this present day and envision life into the future; dare I say 15 years from now, I could try to predict the outcome, but I’d only be kidding myself if I thought I had any inkling of ability to do so. But if I did have a hand in creating what I’d want our next 15 years to look like, it would involve us staying true to our mission and values while staying flexible and relevant to serve the needs of the times. It would involve us continuing to bring great people together and living the culture we can all enjoy and be proud of. It would involve us continuing to work with the top technology companies and helping them build the teams they need via an innovative and distinguished recruiting approach. It would involve Binc staying true to Binc, and if we could celebrate that accomplishment 15 years from now, I can only imagine the amazing memories and experiences we’ll continue to create together.