The Talent War Will Never End

This past weekend, I attended the Pinnacle Society Conference in lovely Lake Tahoe, CA.  For some background, the Pinnacle Society is an organization made up of the top 75 agency recruiters from around the US (and a handful in Canada).  We meet on a bi-annual basis in different cities around the country where we spend three intense days learning from top trainers, sharing best practices, and then topping off each day with some evening festivities.

Our membership is very diverse to include newbies with five years of recruiting experience, up and comers with 10 years (I’m in this bucket), industry veterans with 20 years, and OGs with 40+ years of experience.  Each member has a unique focus area that emphasizes a specific industry, professional level, and geography.  Sample areas include West Coast Software Sales, National Hospitality Executives, International Energy Executives, Orange County Exec Admins, Silicon Valley Technology (that’s us), and we even have somebody focusing on the National Toy Market.  Like I said, some major diversity. What we all have in common though is a love and passion for recruiting and an intense drive to deliver for our clients and our candidates.  And that’s what we spend our time at Pinnacle Conference discussing.

This conference included headlining sessions from renowned trainers Greg Doersching of Bullseye Mentor and Vern Davis of Protis, both incredible in their own right.  It also included supporting member-led sessions and discussions on topics ranging from candidate experience, engagement best practices, sourcing leverage, and more.

Rather than taking heaps of notes, I decided to live-tweet the event.  This in my mind gave me the highest likelihood of capturing and sharing the insights gained throughout the long weekend.

Here’s an excerpt; click to view the full tweet-story!

I hope you enjoy the tweet-storm.  I definitely enjoyed sharing.  And I welcome any feedback/commentary. Follow me @bozonit for any future news and tweet-storms about recruiting/talent, Silicon Valley, business, Katy Perry, or The Sopranos.

Boris Epstein