The Power of Positive Thinking

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” - Willie Nelson

Ah, the art of positive thinking. That elusive little thought process that claims to be part of a winning formula in which humans can derive success and happiness. If it’s so important to think positive, stay positive, and generally feel positive; than why is it so hard to consistently achieve a positive mindset? Frankly, it’s flat out easier to do the wrong thing, think in a negative way, and output a bad mood. It’s easier to steal, cheat, and cut corners. Ultimately, it can feel as if it’s easier to lose than to dig deep and find the motivation and fight needed to win. Losing is lazy. Winning takes energy, effort and….positive thinking.

You know those experiences you have, where you can literally replay the memory in your mind, picture the people around you, and truly feel the impact of what took place? I had one of those experiences when I first embarked on my tech sales career, and took a job as an Account Executive at Yahoo! During my first week on the job, my then manager Brian kindly said to me (maybe as if he read it in a leadership book….)

“Welcome to Yahoo!. My advice is to ignore and remove the negative distractions. Stay positive. You’ll have a better chance at being successful.”

- Brian Louie, Director of Sales

I’ve always been a positive person. I’ve always felt that being positive and looking for the best in things and people, was a sure fire way to do better, achieve more, and establish more genuine and thoughtful relationships. The glass is not just half full, the glass is whatever we want it to be.

When I received this beautiful guidance from Brian, it completely validated my thought system as I embarked on my new tech sales career. “Remove the negative distractions.” That is what negative thinking ultimately is…..a distraction. A distracting, occupying thought process that will pull you down, not launch you up. If one focuses on failures, mistakes and lost opportunities then that person will live in a world of only seeing “failures, mistakes and lost opportunities.”

There is something magical that happens when you look and focus on positive things, and cultivate a positive outlook.

“Jam yesterday, no jam today, jam tomorrow.” - Shobhana Desai (my Mom).

I’ve always loved this quote from my Mom. Now that I am raising my own family, and rearing a highly energetic often disgruntled 4.5 year old, I often find myself thinking about this ideology and how I can teach my son the impact of positive thinking from an early age.

You had a great day yesterday (jam), you’re having a bad day today (no jam), but tomorrow is full of promise (you’ll have jam again).

With positive thinking, comes hope.

With hope, comes faith.

With faith, comes confidence.

With confidence, comes the power to not fear failure.

Without having a fear of failure (positive thinking), you are now free to shine, win, and deal with less than ideal results.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Let’s make 2017 a fantastic year, filled with positive thinking!


Mike DesaiBinc Values