“There is no one definition of intelligence at Binc--there never has been. I am friends with people who I consider to be the smartest in the recruiting business. Some are phenomenal closers. Others have a killer sourcing instinct. Still, others are more organized than bees building a colony. What’s even more exciting, however, is that these skills do not define us. We have amazing singers, dancers, drummers, video gamers, science fiction nerds, and Harry Potter fanatics.”

We are Binc! Our mission is to deliver value to our clients; facilitating lasting partnerships and helping companies scale at the pace they need.

While trends come and go in Silicon Valley, Binc has remained a prominent force, providing best-in-class talent services to some of the biggest names in technology.

We listen to what our clients need, and introduce the custom solution that works best for their needs. This is based on our three core competencies: Leadership, Programs, and Recruiting. Whatever you need, Binc can design the talent solution that works for you.