Building teams at the pace your business demands. 



For companies requiring a burst of hires, we deploy a Binc team to your headquarters, executing full service recruiting campaigns with the goal to achieve your target hires within well-defined timeframes.


For early stage companies, we pair you with a veteran Binc employee to help assess your talent needs, and teach you the best practices for growing a successful team.


Whatever your hiring needs might be, Binc will build flexible, custom solutions. 


Finding the right people for great companies is our passion at Binc. We deliver targeted, customized hiring programs to growing technology companies.

Binc began in 2002 as a contingency recruiting company. After 8 successful years, the company evolved into a hybrid recruiting company, combining the best parts of in-house and agency recruiting.

At Binc, we understand that no two companies are alike, and every talent challenge is different. Whatever your specific talent needs, Binc can customize a plan to get you there, and deploy our expert team members to make it happen.

Over the past 6 years, we have helped more than 30 Silicon Valley technology companies grow their teams. Binc has worked with industry leaders like Airbnb, Reddit, Pinterest, Tesla, WalmartLabs, and others, helping make over 800 hires.

Like the technology industry we serve, our specialized talent teams are modeled after Silicon Valley best practices. We track metrics and make decisions based on data. Our program managers are empowered to own projects. And recruiters are our engineering equivalent, working tirelessly to find just the right solution.

When you want the best for your hiring challenge, companies come to Binc time-and-time again. How can we help you grow?